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BASHO - in Ink, Wood, Bronze & Stone

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Basho in Paintings

        Basho Painting Bamboo - Sugiyama Sanpu (1647 - 1732)

Basho Riding a Horse by Sugiyama Sanpu

Basho on The Narrow Road to the Interior

BASHO by Yosa Buson (1716 - 1784)

                                     Basho Ogina by Buson

Basho and Sora 1

Basho and Sora 2

Basho and Sora 3

Sora following Basho in Okuno Hosomichi Emaki - Yosa Buson

Basho Under the Banana Tree 

                                                             BASHO by Katsushika Hokusai (1760 - 1849)


                      BASHO by Kinkoku, c. 1820

Matsuo Basho (artist unknown)

Matsuo Basho by Watanabe Kazan 1793-1841
(in the British Museum Collection)

                          Matsuo Basho by Sugiyama Sanpu

Basho by Kinkoku Yokoi  
Edo Period (1761 - 1832)
Ink and color on silk - 1814

Hanging scroll depicting the poem "Tabi No Sora" (A Traveller's Sky)
by Nishio Shiho


Basho Meets Two Travelers
by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839 - 1892)

        Basho of 100 Haiku Poets

Basho and Sora painting on a wall in Senju, where their journey began

Here is a version of the above prints with the text bleed-through removed:


    Basho's Altar

Basho Memorial Hall, Kyoto 


          Basho Wood Carving by Ran-koo

A Clay Doll of Basho from Iga Ueno


Statues of Basho
Along the Narrow Road

Haisei-den - Hall of the Haikai Saint at Iga Ueno
(built inside Ueno-koen Park in 1942)

1. Basho at the start of his journey - Tokyo
d.hatena.ne.jp                                                                 s-ohtsuki.sakura.ne.jp

2. Basho at Senju: the Entrance into the Narrow Road to Oku

Basho - Facing the Sumida River, Tokyo

3. Basho at Soka, Saitama Prefecture

Basho at Soka (from the panoramic view)

7. Basho and Sora - Basho Museum at Kurobane, Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture

7. Basho on Horseback - Basho Museum at Kurobane, Nasu Tochigi Prefecture

23. Basho bronze at Chuson-ji Temple, Hiraizumi, Iwate Prefecture

23. Detail of the bronze Basho, Hiraizumi, Iwate Prefecture

Statues at Shinju, Yamagata

A bronze Basho in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

Full view of the bronze Basho at Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

Basho at the village of Tendo Mura

A bronze Basho in Yamadera, Yamagata Prefecture

42. A bronze of Basho at Kehi Jingu, Ironohama Beach, Kanegasaki Prefecture

Basho's Arrival at Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture
photo by Shikabane Taro

43. Basho's Arrival in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture

43. Basho's Arrival in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture

After Bashō’s death in Ōsaka in 1694, his disciples carried his remains to Gichūji, a small temple on the southern shore of Lake Biwa, where the poet requested that he be buried. His tomb is located in the courtyard garden.

Basho's Grave at Gichuji Temple, Shiga Prefecture

A Smiling Matsuo Basho (unknown location)



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  3. I really like the statues and his grave. I love rocks and that is one nice rock on his grave especially with the quartz veins running through it.

  4. The quarts veins make the stone appear to be wrapped with a cord. It's marvelous!

    I'm thinking of doing a separate page of entries that would show all the haiku stones alone the way.

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